Digital Photography Workshop at Sun to Moon Gallery

Elevating Your Photographic Vision with Alan Ross, Ansel Adams’ photographic assistant

A hands-on, creative workshop for all photographers

9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Workshop Cost: $350.00

Limited to 9 participants!

Workshop at Sun to Moon Gallery is sponsored by Competitive Cameras

Elevating Your Photographic Vision with Alan Ross, Ansel Adams’ photographic assistant, a  hands-on, creative workshop for all photographers, at Sun to Moon Gallery, Dallas, TX
Alan Ross with Ansel Adams, Alan Ross Workshop at Sun to Moon Gallery

Sun to Moon Gallery is pleased to present an inspired day of learning with renowned photographer, master printer and educator Alan Ross.

Alan practices Ansel Adams' philosophy and techniques perhaps better than any other photographer today. We will even take time after lunch to venture out into the neighborhood to photograph!

In recent years, Alan has been shooting digital photography (color & infrared) and black-and-white film photography and will bring these experiences to the classroom. This workshop will provide useful information for anyone seeking to push his or her photography forward.

Alan's workshop will focus primarily on the front end of photography, featuring equal parts photo philosophy and technical details. Participants’ images will become part of the presentation. To enhance the experience and interaction with Alan, this workshop is limited to 9 participants.

A sampling of topics to be covered:

Visualization, Ansel Adams-style. You can do it!

– Transcending the Moment – Understanding the difference between the literal, what is in front of your lens vs. the reality of what is in your head, and how to use it to your advantage. Fine Photographic Print by Alan Ross, at Sun to Moon Gallery

Essentials of Photography

– Nailing the Exposure – Know your limits and understand the histogram. It is your friend! There’s no substitute for getting it right in the field.

– Understanding and Choosing Lenses – What are the “personalities” of different lenses and which lenses work best to help achieve the creative results you’re looking for?

– Creating Compelling Compositions – Evaluating the elements of a scene to make their relationships to each other most effective.

In addition to discussion of creative & technical issues
for creating better images, there will be:

Alan Ross demo images, Workshop at Sun to Moon Gallery

– Discussions and critique of participants’ images submitted in advance for on-screen review.


A short photography session in the neighborhood with Alan Ross and Scot Miller, followed by a review and critique of participants’ images captured in the field.



We will spend some time after lunch photographing in the neighborhood around the gallery. Participants should bring a digital camera, a tripod, a laptop for downloading and working with images, and an image-editing software that you are familiar with, such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop (to prepare images taken in the field during the workshop). You’ll also need a USB memory stick to transfer your images to the classroom computer so they can be displayed on our digital projector or monitor.

The class size of 9 allows for great opportunities to interact with Alan.
Don't miss this opportunity to up your game!

Cost: $350.00 Lunch is included - Mastercard, Visa, checks accepted.

CALL 214.745.1199 today to sign up.



Alan Ross photographs, available at Sun to Moon gallery, Dallas, TX

About the Instructor

ALAN ROSS is a well-known photographer, master printer and educator. He was Ansel Adams' Photographic Assistant in Carmel from 1974 to 1979, and was integrally involved in Adams' books, teaching in Yosemite, and production of fine prints. He has been the exclusive printer of Ansel Adams' Special Edition negatives for forty years and over the span of that time has made many prints from Adams' negatives.

Alan operated a commercial photography studio in San Francisco for twelve years with projects ranging from worldwide campaigns for the Bank of America to landscape murals for the National Park Service. He relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1993 to devote more of his energies to his personal work, teaching, and working for select clients, including Boeing, Nike, IBM, and MCI.

Alan is a sought-after teacher who inspires professionals and amateurs alike to prepare their minds for the moment when light, beauty and chance define opportunity.

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The full amount of $350 is due at sign up.

We rely on your attendance to make important contractual arrangements so if for any reason you need to withdraw please notify us in writing (email) as soon as possible. If notification of cancellation is made on or before March 10, we will refund your payment, less a $125 cancellation fee.

If notification of cancellation is made March 11– March 17, we will refund your payment, less a $175 cancellation fee.

Refunds are not available after March 18 unless we can fill the vacancy, in which case you will be charged a $175 cancellation fee. Refunds, if necessary, will be made by check.

Sun to Moon Gallery Workshops reserves the right to cancel a workshop at any time for low enrollment or for other reasons and will promptly refund all payments made to date.

Waiver of Liability

Sun to Moon Gallery shall have no responsibility or liability for personal injury to any participant, or damage to any participant’s property, or for personal injuries or damage to the property of any other person resulting from the participant’s involvement in our workshop. We shall have no responsibility for the acts, errors, or omissions of instructors or staff, transportation companies, restaurants, shooting locations or other providers of services to participants in the course of the workshop. We have the right to cancel any workshop and to alter the time, context, or format of any workshop in the event circumstances require it. In the event a workshop is cancelled, for any reason, the extent of our liability is limited to the return of all fees paid to us.



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