#1 - Driving in Italy - Italian Drivers must learn one thing early on - if you want to drive slower than everyone else, do so in the right lane. If you need to pass a slower driver - pass the auto, then move back into the right lane immediately. Otherwise, you will feel as if you are going to be run over. Also, familiarize yourself with the road symbols before going to Italy.

#2 - Purchase a really good driving map before - Michelin Guide or Italian Touring Guide

#3 - Train Transportation - have your train ticket stamped (small red/gold metal wall or post mounted machine) by the train tracks before getting on the train . . . this validates your ticket and will save you a great deal of grief .

#4 - In Cinque Terre - buy roundtrip tickets ($1 each way) at departure (validating only one) and hold the other for the return, because some of the train stations’ ticket offices may be closed when you are ready or wanting to take the train back.

#5 - In fact, Scot & I wish we had figured #4 out earlier - we would have stayed in one of the other towns for sunset & dinner, and taken the train back to Montorosso after dinner.

#6 - The Borromeon Islands - Isola Madre, Isola Bella & Isola dei Pescatori - take the public transportation ferry, by-passing the “captains” standing around the lot in front of the ferry ticket office. You can buy a “day pass” and come and go on the public ferries at your choosing, rather than the times the private transporation (the “captain uniforms” standing around the lots) shedule you.

[Isola Bella - Construction began in 1670, by count Vitaliano Borromea, of this Italian Garden & Baroque palace. The residence contains priceless masterpieces (furniture, paintings & tapestries)]

#7 - In Rome you can easily purchase train tickets from the vending machines in the train station with a credit card - it’s the fastest way! Remember to validate your ticket, by putting it in one of the “RED BOXES” just prior to boarding the train. The Leonardo Express, from the Rome FCO Airport into the city of Rome cost: 16,000 ITL= 8.26 Euro = 8.50 USD, at the time of our travel (4/99).


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