Travel Tips by Marilyn Miller


The San Francisco Airport is about 30 minutes from downtown San Francisco by cab. A cab will cost about $ 40.00 or a shuttle for about $12.00 per person will take about 45 mins (due to additional stops). From the Oakland Airport, you can take a bus to the BART station, then the train (have some $1 bills handy) all the way into San Francisco. We go to Oakland & rent a car (additional charges for parking) then continue on to Yosemite (Yosemite Travel Tips to follow).


The Andrews Hotel [(415) 928-6919 OR (800) 926-3739] 624 Post Street is just a few blocks off Union Square. This small victorian hotel, built in 1905, was a bath house in the 1920's. The Andrews has 7 floors with 8 rooms per floor. Each morning a continental breakfast is set up in the hallway and guests are offered a complimentary glass of wine from 5:00 to 7:00 each evening in Fino Restaurant on the first floor (see Restaurants below). The staff is friendly and helpful and the rooms are clean and comfortable, although, a bit small.

Another reason for our love of The Andrews Hotel, is it's location. We go there, park the car and walk the town. The hotel staff at the front desk will gladly provide you with a map & directions to get around. The major department stores surround Union Square. A few block over, and you're in China Town. A few block more and you're in North Beach, or Little Italy. Then on to the Fisherman's Wharf. When you've done the Wharf you can easily go to the Trolley Turnaround and take the Trolley back to Post Street, where you will only have to walk a few blocks to get back to the Andrews. Also, The Theatre District (ask The Andrews staff about performances & tickets) with loads of galleries are within blocks.


One of our favorite parts about San Francisco is the availability of a variety of cuisine. Below are some of our favorites:

Fino Restaurant is on the first floor of the Hotel, and if you are worn out from a day of exploring and shopping, you could hardly get a better Italian meal by going further. And, all you have to do afterward, is drag yourself up stairs.

Thai Stick on Post Street is just a few doors down from The Andrews. The food is very fresh, light, flavorful, abundant & economical. What more can you ask for in Thai food? How about courteous & efficient service? You got it!

FYI - Postrio, Wolf Gang Puck's Restaurant, is about a block down the street from the hotel, toward Union Square. Scot & I have just missed going there several times, but hope to give you an updated after our next visit.

Scoma's - LAST BUT NOT LEAST, a trip to San Francisco would not be a trip to San Francisco without seafood and a visit to the Wharf. And, although, our recommendation is "touristy", give it a chance. Go to Scoma's on the Wharf, ask for Heros and let him guide you through a lovely dining experience.



Sun to Moon Gallery
1515 Levee Street
Dallas, TX 75207

Phone 214.745.1199