Jill has taught many workshops and her works are held in collections throughout the world, including the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center in Austin, Texas and The Center for Photography at Woodstock, New York. She is married to fine art photographer and digital pioneer, Dan Burkholder and lives in Palenville, New York.

Jill's exquisite prints must be viewed in person to get the full appreciation of them.  We have many of her prints in stock and on display at sun to moon gallery.  You'll be intrigued seeing the subtle texture of this ink on paper technique.

Jill describes some of her newest work...

"The empty houses, businesses and schools of New Orleans hold a quiet stillness that's deceptive. The powerful story can be seen in the objects and belongings left behind. My hope is that these images become part of your understanding of the post-Katrina reality and that they will contribute to a spirit of awareness and compassion."

"Junk stores and warehouses are full of abandoned treasures that tell forgotten stories. Sometimes the collections of the unrelated are fascinating pictures of what we leave behind. Stale symbols and icons huddle together sadly approaching the day when no one remembers their meaning. My series The Forgotten shows them making a last stand, testing our memory and challenging us to find them a new purpose."

Come see examples of these unique treasures at sun to moon gallery.


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Jill Skupin Burkholder